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Noman Technics

Zoono by Noman Technics

We protect hands and skin for up to 24 hours and surfaces for up to 30 days against bacteria and viruses, such as COVID-19!

More than 100 tests have proven the effectiveness of Zoono by Noman Technics, in airports, schools, train stations and much more!

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Noman Technics

Noman Technics Breezer

We spend 80% of our time indoors! Have you heard of bad air outside? Indoor air is worse than outdoor air! Indoor air contains very high quantities of fine dust, pollen, bacteria, mould and viruses.

This has negative consequences, such as headaches, sneezing, dizziness, but also brings on diseases, such as the common cold, the flu and COVID-19!

Breezer filters and purifies the indoor air. So you can always breathe easier!

It eliminates 99.95% of all harmful viruses, bacteria, mould and microscopic allergens and pollutants using Philips UV-C light technology and a Puropoll Hyper filter. This same technology extracts ozone from the air and adds oxygen to the room.

Breezer is the result of extensive testing, both by our engineers and at the top universities in Flanders, including KULeuven.

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Frequently asked questions


Can I buy Noman Technics products on credit? Can I rent products from Noman Technics?

Of course! Noman Technics products can be rented or leased.

Contact us and receive a personalized quote!

Why is it important to invest in Noman Technics products?

Recently, the economic consequences of a pandemic have been proven to be huge. As of the 23rd of May 2020, the loss in GDP for the Belgium economy is estimated to be € 1.710.224.955, and still rising (source: geospatialworld).

Even without a pandemic, diseases have a major negative impact on productivity. In Belgium, employee absenteeism increases year after year. The average number of sick days increased by 33% between 2008 and 2018. In concrete terms, this means that, on average, in 2018, Belgian workers were 12.6 days absent due to illness (source: sdworx).

These figures show that investing in disease prevention in the short and long term term is beneficial for the turnover and production capacity of companies.

Furthermore, the importance of a safe working and consumption environment in people’s minds sharply increased.

Finally, there are legislative initiatives in which disinfection and hand hygiene rules have increased.

NOMAN TECHNICS offers the solution to these problems in a one-stop-shop fashion.

How does disinfection work?

The UV-C radiation penetrates into the cell of the organism and breaks down the carbon compounds causing the cell to die. This process is extremely efficient. It only concerns radiation, so no chemicals are used. Therefore it is environmentally friendly and odorless.

What rates are we getting?

We are getting rates of up to 99,99 percent.

How can I order?

Noman Technics offers its products for sale, both online and offline. Noman Technics also offers lease formulas. In addition, clients can always turn to Noman for aftercare, including spare parts as well as maintenance and replacement.

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