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Noman Technics, a “Start it @KBC” backed company, was founded in 2020 and is located in Antwerp, Belgium. We focus on delivering high-quality disinfection products and services. We have more than 30 years of engineering experience.

We work in close contact with you to create a safe and clean workplace for yourself, your employees and your customers!

What makes us different?

Why choose Noman Technics?

Thorough Analysis

Our specialists thoroughly analyze your business in order to provide a tailor made disinfection solution that keeps you, your employees and your customers safe.


Our specialists provide you with a disinfection solution tailor-made to your business. Your safety is our priority!

Quality Control & Safety

The full product range is CE and RoHs certified. We ensure proper disinfection while keeping the highest safety standards.

Designed & Made in Europe

Noman Technics products are designed and made in Europe according to the highest quality standards.

Qualified Staff

Experienced and highly qualified staff. More than 30 years in-house experience in lamp technology engineering. Only the best is good enough!

Service With a Smile

In need of assistance? Contact one of our specialists and we are always happy to help!

Our approach


UV-C light is a highly effective way to combat all types of micro-organisms. Virus, such as the Coronavirus, bacteria and fungi are almost immediately neutralized.

Backed by knowledge, ample experience and access to the most advanced products we succeed in providing safe, efficient and state-of-the art disinfection devices to our customers. Unlike many other disinfectants, UV-C is not harmful for the ecological environment.

Our approach


Our extensive range of disinfection equipment and products is always in the forefront in terms of innovation. Of course, we work closely with our customers to develop and produce the most effective solutions.

Our approach


Noman Technics has 30 year of experience in lamp technology & in-house development and production. You can count on us!

Our approach


Overexposure to UV-C light is harmful to the eyes and skin. Therefore, our UV-C products are equipped with motion sensors that ensure the device is automatically shut down when any form of movement is detected. Your safety is our priority!

Our approach


UV-C lamps used in the Noman Technics products are all CE and RoHs certified, meaning minimal amounts of mercury are used, low energy consumption due to high efficiency and less waste by longevity. UV-C light is 100 % biological.

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