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Noman Technics provides tailor-made equipment for a clean culture working environment. We produce high-tech disinfection products to create a healthier working and living environment! #bevirusproof

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Noman Technics

A one-stop-shop solution for workplace disinfection, backed by more than 30 years of engineering experience

Noman Technics is focused on delivering high-quality disinfection products, services and solutions to its customers. We offer a complete line of disinfection equipment. We work in close contact with our customers to obtain tailor-made solutions for a clean culture working environment.


A sample of our range

Specialised disinfection equipment



The Viewmaster is the must-have product for disinfection professionals. Patent pending.


Booster Hybrid C5 C6 C7

The Booster Hybrid is perfect for disinfecting any room (24/7), air and surfaces! Patent pending.


Clean Check One-Move

The Clean Check One-Move is the perfect tool to disinfect your sales items in a matter of seconds. Patent pending.


Easy Business Case

The Easy Business Case is a must-have in rooms where businessmen congregate. Patent pending.

Our Approach

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A simple 4-step approach towards a clean culture environment

1)     Book an appointment & free demo

Contact us to make an appointment and enjoy a free demo of our product range!

2)     Free of charge analysis of your working environment

Let our specialists make a thorough analysis of your working environment. Free of charge!

3)     Free of charge custom-based disinfection proposal

Our specialists provide you with a completely custom-based disinfection plan for your working environment! Free of charge!

4)     Convinced? Order your product

Based on the proposed disinfection plan, it’s up to you to make a choice!

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Noman at your service:



Office Buildings

From local offices to co-working spaces.



Retail Shops

From supermarkets to high-end jewellery shops.



From industrial kitchen spaces to top-line restaurants and luxury hotels.


Public places

From airports to universities.

What makes us different?

Why choose us?

Thorough Analysis

Our specialists thoroughly analyse your working environment.



Our specialists provide work out a detailed plan tailored to your working environment.

Quality Control & Safety

The full product range is CE and RoHs certified. Our products ensure proper disinfection whilst keeping the highest safety standards. Your safety is our priority!


Designed & Made in Europe

Our UV-C equipment and disinfection products are designed and made in Europe!

Qualified Staff

Our staff is highly skilled and experienced. We have over 30 years engineering experience. Only the best is good enough!

Service With a Smile

In need of assistance? We are always happy to help! 🙂

Our approach


UV-C light is a highly effective way of fighting all types of micro-organisms. Bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeasts are almost instantly neutralized!  Unlike many other disinfectants, UV-C is not harmful for the ecological environment.

Our approach


Stagnation means decline! Noman Technics’ products are always made out of the most innovative techniques and components.

Our approach


It is very important to find the right balance between application, technology and product. With over 30 years of experience in lamp technology, we are able to offer the best performance and reliability to our customers.

Our approach


Overexposure to UV-C is harmful to the eyes and skin. Therefore, our disinfection devices are equipped with a motion sensor that ensures the device is automatically shut down when any form of movement is detected. Noman technics’ devices are equipped with the best tools to ensure proper disinfection while keeping the highest safety standards.

Our approach


Sustainability is key! The application of our systems results in a decrease in the use of chemicals and in energy savings. The UV-C lamps used in the Noman Technics in-house developed devices are all CE and RoHs certified, meaning very small amounts of mercury were used, low energy consumption due to high efficiency and less waste by longevity.

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